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    Valid from 01.01.2018

    Validity of our general General Terms and Conditions (GTC):
    Unless expressly otherwise was agreed, are valid our General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

    Requirement for a valid contract:
    ✓ A valid offer.
       The validity is noted in the offer.
    ✓ Order confirmation uncontradicted.
    ✓ Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

    Prices are subjected according to INCOTERMS 2018 ex works excluding costs of packaging, without the current metal surcharges, without surcharge for small quantities, shipping costs and taxes. The currency is specified in the tender or offer. The prices in price lists are not a basis for a contract. The prices in the online shop are

    Prices continue:
    non-binding. The contract will be binding with order confirmation. After receipt of confirmation (it is evidenced by the date of order confirmation) the customer has right of appeal between 2 days. Necessary minimum quantity surcharges for products from the online shop: The minimum quantity surcharge will only be charged if this is also done by our suppliers. The minimum quantity surcharge is € 25.00, if € 150, - net value of goods (value without VAT) can not be reached. We therefore try in advance to recommend each products for which a minimum order value of € 150 must be reached, to display in our header without obligation. All price history becomes not disclosed and not maintained. The prices are included in the valid offer. If no offer existed, the order confirmation is valid.

    Order confirmation:
    The order confirmation shall be considered confirmed if after 2 days no objection is made.

    Shipping and Packaging:
    The current shipping and packaging costs are in our offer. A minimum quantity surcharge of € 25, - will be charged, if the value of the goods is less than or equal to € 150.- (see point 4 prices).

    Delivery time:
    Information about delivery times are not binding.
    Claims for damages for non-compliance with an agreed
    delivery time are excluded, unless non-compliance is
    based on gross negligence or intent attributable to us.
    If a delivery time has been agreed, compliance with it
    requires that the orderer fulfill his contractual obligation.
    The delivery date is met if the goods have left our factory or are ready for dispatch by the end of their expiry date. If we are responsible for exceeding a delivery date, the customer may withdraw from the individual order, after which we have set a grace period of at least four weeks in writing and this has expired unused. If we are prevented from delivering by force majeure, the delivery date will be extended by the duration of the delivery. Force majeure shall be equal to unforeseen circumstances which unreasonably complicate or prevent the delivery, such as labor disputes, official measures, poor supply of raw materials, breakdowns caused by water, fire, machine breakage etc., regardless of whether they occur to us or to our subcontractors. In these cases, we have the right to withdraw from the contract. At the request of the purchaser, we must declare whether we will resign or deliver within a reasonable period to be determined by us. Claims for damages are excluded in any case.

    8. Delivery:
    Unless otherwise was agreed delivery will according to INCOTERMS 2018 ex works.

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